(WAVE) Network – Call for donations for Ukraine

Women Against Violence Europe (WAVE) Network – Call for donations for Ukraine

Women Against Violence Europe (WAVE) Network, the European umbrella organization in the field of violence protection based in Vienna, consists of 154 members in 46 European countries. Our members are from women’s protection institutions, such as women’s shelters and Women’s Emergency Centers, which actively protect women* and children from violence. More info about us and our work can be found here:


We ask you to: Help us to save the lives of women* and children in Ukraine! 

The war in Ukraine is causing terrible suffering to millions of people. Women* and children are particularly affected by its short- and long-term long-term consequences. Women*, girls, and LGBTQI+ individuals are often at heightened risk of gender-based and sexual violence and are often victims of sexual assault and exploitation, which is also often used as a weapon of war. In the long term, domestic violence can also be exacerbated by armed conflict and trauma can be exacerbated.

Despite the difficult situation, our three member organizations are still active on the ground in Ukraine. They support women* and their children to escape war and gender-based violence, provide them with overnight accommodation, online and telephone information and thereby help them find a safe way out. All this, while our colleagues on the ground are themselves in acute danger and risk their own risking their own safety.

With your donation you can support women* and human rights defenders in Ukraine and in the neighboring countries!

Here you can find the donation link:


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