Video Summer School: Edith Stein

by the Center for the History of Women Philosophers and Scientists

This year the Center for the History of Women Philosophers and Scientists wants to host a digital summer school! Each week we will post an assortment of videos for you to study with. Each week will highlight another women philosopher. We hope you are excited to learn about women philosophers while watching videos!

This week we want to start off with Edith Stein. At the moment we have a workshop hosted by Daniel Neumann with Mette Lebech and Sarah Borden at the Paderborn University. Unfortunatley not everyone can join us in person in Paderborn which is why we assemebled the video summer school!

Start with Edith Stein (1891-1942). Conversations with Diotima. Ruth E. Hagengruber and Mette Lebech (2017). 

In the video Mette Lebech introduces us to Edith Stein, who she was, what her motivations were and a few insights into Edith Steins research. Learn about Edith Steins understanding of the psyche, psyche contagion, eternal being and human dignity.




Get deep into the previous named concepts together with Antonio Calcagno during his lecture in 2018!

In the lecture Antonio Calcagno will discuss the following topics:

What is Phenomenology?

Edith Stein. Her phenomenological contribution

Subject, Self, Person

Philosophical Challenges


After studying general information on Phenomenology and Edith Steins research on psyche, self, person and many more concepts, take a look at the concept of intersubjectivity and the other with a talk given by Kathleen Haney.




For more information you can always visit our Sight and Sound page, Directory and our ECC. We wish you a lot of fun studying!

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