The New York Times on Linda López McAlister

The New York Times published a lovely article on Linda López McAlister, who sadly passed away recently. The article sheds light on Linda López McAlister’s life, motivation and achievements. 

You can read the full article here: 

Our Main Advisor of the Center for HWPS Mary Ellen Waithe also dedciated some words to Linda López McAlister:  “She has been a supporter, an inspiration and a sweet, friendly person. She continued to be active in philosophy long after her retirement and the couple’s move to New Mexico to found latinx live theatre.  Notably, she participated in the conference of the International Association of Women Philosophers- IAPh- (which she helped found) in Monash, Australia and provided assistance and advice to the Center for the Study of Women Philosophers at Paderborn University, Germany regarding early women phenomenologists. The world will not be a better place without her.“

We will keep her memory.

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