The Monist: The History of Women’s Ideas

What progress has the inclusion of women into the historical canon of philosophy made in the past 40 years? Find out in the introduction to the special issue of the Monist on the history of women's ideas by Karen Green and Ruth Hagengruber!

“The editors are convinced that work on the history of women philosophers is integral to the development of philosophy as a discipline. As women have become better represented in the academy, they have turned to issues of relevance to women. But philosophy has lagged behind other humanities disciplines in appointing women. There is disagreement over the reasons for this, but it is arguable that philosophy’s own self-image continues to be tainted by a conception of objectivity that universalises men’s perspectives… The very fact that a journal like The Monist is now publishing an issue on the history of women’s contributions to philosophy is evidence that much has changed in the past forty years.”

Karen Green, Ruth Hagengruber, IntroductionThe Monist, Volume 98, Issue 1, January 2015, Pages 1–6.

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