The Keynote Speakers at the New Voices Conference

The New Voices Conference is coming up and we want to introduce you to our Keynote Speakers! Their talks will be on the 25.02 and 26.02 at 9-10am and 5-6pm, CET.

You can register for the Conference at We look forward to all participants! 

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Here are now alle Keynote Speakers introduced:


On the 25th of February we are welcoming Priyanka Jha from the Banaras Hindu University as the first Keynote Speaker. She is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Political Science. At the New Voices Conference she will

 present on “From the self to the Universal: Exploring Women Thinking in Modern India (the 1850s1950s)”. The aim is to genealogically map and trace this particular strand of thinking and ideation, as it was one of the many rich diverse strandsthat Indian women thinking represent. In ways of a hermeneutical exercise, each of the above-mentioned thinkers shall be engaged with through a representative text.

In the Slot from 5pm tp 6pm on the 25th the Keynote Speaker Samantha Matherne will present ‘The Aesthetic Theory of Edith Landmann-Kalischer’. Samantha Matherne is an Assistant Professor at the Harvard University. In her talk she presents Edith Landmann-Kalischers (1877-1951) systematic programs in aesthetics in the phenomenological tradition.



On the following day, the 26th of Febuary, Julia Borcherding from the University of Cambridge will present ‘Crossing the Divide – Conway’s and Cavendish’s ‘Spiritualization’ of Matter’. In this talk, she shows that both Conway and Cavendish contribute in important ways to the reconfiguration and enrichment of the concept of matter which took place during the 17th and 18th centuries, and which may still hold important lessons for us today.

The Keynote Speaker Pedro Pricladnitzky, Professor of Philosophy at the Universidade Estadual do Oeste do Paraná will hold a talk on ‘The Principle of Individuation in Cavendish’s Metaphysics’. In this talk, he offers an interpretation of the principle of individuation and the ontological status of individual bodies in the work of Margaret Cavendish.

You can register for the Conference at We look forward to all participants! 

More information can be found here:

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