Summer Series: Women and Their Body Conference – Contemporary Thoughts

As we have moved across the centuries we have arrived at the contemporary thoughts.

Oblique paths to truth. Myth and bodily elements in Simone Weil, Jeanne Hersch and María Zambrano by Piergiacomo Severini

Piergiacomo Severini graduated in Philosophical Sciences at the University of Macerata. He was visiting PhD student at the University of Zurich and earned his PhD title in Human Sciences at the University G. d’Annunzio of Chieti-Pescara in 2021, with the additional title of Doctor Europaeus. His PhD thesis on Jeanne Hersch, entitled “Being is doing with. Freedom and Existence in Jeanne Hersch,” has been published in November 2022. Actually, his research revolves around philosophical reflections which bind the existing human being to the natural world.





“Throwing like a girl”, “spreading like a man”? Body, power, and the sense of being in the right by Henning Nörenberg

Henning Nörenberg is Postdoctoral Researcher at the Department of Philosophy in Rostock, Germany. He has published on various topics in phenomenology, social ontology, political philosophy, and philosophy of religion. His current work focuses on shared normative backgrounds and their bodily-affective dimension (“deontological feelings”).





The theoretical construction of female embodiment in the early feminist phenomenological framework of Iris Marion Young by Ariadni Polychroniou

Ariadni Polychroniou has studied law (LL.B) in the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens and has been working for the last six years as a lawyer specialized mainly in public law. She has obtained her LL.M. in Philosophy of Law from the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece and her second Master Degree in Gender Studies from UmeåUniversity, Sweden. She has been, since 2019, a Ph.D. Candidate in the Department of History and Theory of Law at the Law School of Athens. Her doctoral thesis is co-financed by Greece and the European Union (European Social Fund-ESF) through the Operational Programme “Human Resources Development, Education and Lifelong Learning” in the context of theAct “Enhancing Human Resources Research Potential by undertaking a Doctoral Research.” For the spring semester 2021-2022, she has been selected to teach Sociology of Law, Gender and Law and Literature and Law in assistant courses for undergraduate students. Her main research and academic interests focus on critical legal theory, post-structuralist feminist theory, feminist phenomenology, as well as critical refugee studies, social movement and democratic theory. Her most recent research papers include “Towards a Critical Reconstruction of Modern Refugee Subjectivity: Overcoming the Threat–Victim Bipolarity with Judith Butler and Giorgio Agamben” (Open Philosophy 4 (1), 2021, 252-268) and “Towards a Radical Feminist Resignification of Vulnerability: A Critical Juxtaposition of Judith Butler’s Post-structuralist Philosophy and Martha Fineman’s Legal Theory” (Redescriptions: Political Thought, Conceptual History and Feminist Theory 25 (2), 113–136.) She has also worked as an intern and an external collaborator in the National Bioethics Committee of Greece, the Greek Council for Refugees, the Hellenic Foundation for European and Foreign Policy and ActionAid.

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