Summer Series: Women and Their Body Conference: Arts and Architecture

The Progression of 20th Century Dance Norms as a Model of Feminist Sexual Liberation by Tyler D. Farmer

After earning a B.F.A. in dance, he transitioned to philosophy with an M.A. from Tufts. Now pursuing a PhD at UC, San Diego, he is interested in questions about how we can be (more) effective at performing our intended actions. As such, he thinks about the general
limitations of our agency and how we can leverage our planning capacities to optimize our effectiveness within those limitations. He also thinks about how oppression and privilege impact both our immediate and extended agency, and how we can successfully navigate the specific limitations imposed on our agency by our social positions.



The panoptic gaze: Female body and architectural space by Irene Breuer

Irene Breuer has a degree in Architecture (1988) and in Philosophy (2003) from the Universidad de Buenos Aires (UBA), Argentina. 2012: PhD in Philosophy from the Bergische University Wuppertal (BUW), Germany. 1988-2002: Lecturer, then Professor for Architectural
Design and Theory at the UBA. 2012 to mid 2017: Lecturer for Theoretical Philosophy and Phenomenology at the BUW. 2019: DAAD scholarship, research on the reception of the German Philosophical Anthropology in Argentina. Presently working on mentioned research subject, with the support of the BUW.





Divine and Demonic. A Matter of Power and Femininity by Benedetta Milani

Benedetta Milani is an Italian young researcher in Philosophy. She has studied Philosophy in Milan, Italy, at the Università degli Studi, where she graduated with a thesis about the philosopher Ernst Cassirer and the art historian Aby Warburg. Since 2020 she works as a
Ph.D. Student at the Leuphana Universität in Lüneburg, Germany, in the department of Philosophy and Historyof Art. Her main themes of research are the digital world, continental philosophy and aesthetic. She has published the following papers: Il pendolo della cultura. La filosofia della cultura in Aby Warburg ed Ernst Cassirer. (The pendulum of culture. The philosophy of culture in Aby Warburg and Ernst
Cassirer), in La memoria del Cielo, MAAT Studies 4, A&G – CUECM, Catania 2019; Chimere. Come l’estetica postuma indaga e immagina possibili futuri di corpi ibridi (Chimeras. How posthuman aesthetics investigates and imagines possible futures of hybrid bodies), in Liberazioni. Rivista di critica antispecista, Anno XI, n. 43; Il corpo aperto. Estetica postumana e transumanista in relazione con il corpo umano (The open body. Posthuman and transhumanist aesthetics in relation to the human body), in Contaminazioni, Lubrina Editore, Bergamo 2021; On the Mythical Atmosphere of the Digital World, in Technology and Language, 3(4), 21-29, 2022.

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