Stein Seminar: Sarah Borden

After having participated in last year’s Stein Seminar, Sarah Borden will return this year to teach Edith Stein’s “Finite and Eternal Being” – Part II. Sarah Borden is the author of “Edith Stein’s Finite and Eternal Being. A Companion” (2023, Rowman & Littlefield). Other notable publications on Edith Stein include “Edith Stein’s Use of Hering’s “Wesenheit” to Move through Phenomenology to Metaphysics“, Discipline Filosofiche 26:1 (2016) and “Edith Stein and Thomas Aquinas on Being and Essence”, American Catholic Philosophical Quarterly 82:1 (2008).

Sarah Borden graduated from Fordham University, New York.  Her dissertation combinded themes of the early 20th century phenomenological school with medieval metaphysics. The work on Stein’s thought has deepened both of these interests, and much of Sarah Borden’s work has centered around questions regarding essences and essential structures, the problem of universals, individual and universal forms, individuality and uniqueness, and the nature of emotions and value.

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