Springer Book Series – Volume XII Époque Émilienne

The Époque Émilienne contextualizes Du Châtelet’s contribution to the philosophy of her time. It is a collection of innovative papers on Émilie Du Châtelet’s powerful philosophy and legacy, passionatley edited by Ruth E. Hagengruber, Director of the Center for the History of Women Philosophers and Scientists.

Du Châtelet was an outstanding figure in the era she lived in. Her work and achievements were unique, though not an exception in the 18th century, which did not lack outstanding women. Her personal intellectual education, her scholarly network and her mental acumen were celebrated in her time, perceiving her to have “multiplied nine figures by nine figures in her head”. She was able to gain access to institutions which were normally denied to women. To call an epoch an Époque Émilienne may be seen as daring and audacious, but it will not be the last time if we continue to bring women philosophers back into the memory of the history of philosophy.




Du Châtelet deserves the honor of standing among the most influential philosophers of the European Tradition. It is rather remarkable, instead, that her intellectual power, the high esteem Du Châtelet enjoyed in her lifetime did not allow her to become part of that illustrious tradition of names we associate with the Enlightenment. The broad spectrum of her scientific and philosophical contributions, and her numerous and notable publications make her appear to be one of the most outstanding figures of the epoch. With Du Châtelet, this volume takes a different perspective on the question of how to write the history of philosophy from now on, considering the writings of women philosophers.
– Ruth E. Hagengruber on Du Châtelet and the volume, the Époque Émilienne, in Hagengruber 2022, 1.


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The Époque Émilienne  is part of our Springer Book Series. At the moment there are 19 English and seven German books, more are to come! However, we look forward to new ideas and perspectives. If you want to contribute send a Book Proposal to Ruth E. Hagengruber,Mary Ellen Waithe, and Gianerico PaganiniThe Springer Series Women in the History of Philosophy and Sciences provides a platform for publishing cutting-edge scholarship on women’s contributions to the sciences, to philosophy, and to interdisciplinary academic areas. The Springer Series Women in the History of Philosophy and Sciences will publish monographs, handbooks, collections, anthologies, and dissertations.



Hagengruber, R.E. (2022). ‘An Introduction to the Volume‘ In: Hagengruber, R.E. (Ed.), Époque Émilienne. Philosophy and Science in the Age of Émilie Du Châtelet (1706 –1749), Cham: Springer, 1 – 20.

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