Sophia M. Connell on Women in Analytical Philosophy

Sophia M. Connell is Senior Lecturer in the Philosophy Department. Before coming to Birkbeck in 2017, Sophia taught philosophy at the University of Cambridge for 15 years. She discusses the Lost Women of Early Analytic Philosophy on her blog.

Sophia is known for her historiographic work on women in early analytic philosophy. Female figures who worked on philosophical topics in the early part of the last century, have been unfairly marginalised. Archival research reveals the impact of their thought in this period.  She has published work on G.E.M. Anscombe, Mary Midgley and Alice Ambrose and co-editing a Special Issue of the British Journal for the History of Philosophy on ‘Lost Voices: Women in Philosophy 1880-1970’ with Frederique Janssen-Lauret (2021). Her current research includes the philosophy of Sophie Bryant, Grace De Laguna and Alice Ambrose.

Recently she was on a panel at the conference “Women in Analytic Philosophy. Past and Present” organized by the University of Warsaw, University of Vienna, and Humboldt University Berlin.


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