Ruth E. Hagengruber’s Talk at the IAPh

Ruth E. Hagengruber, Director of the Center for the History of Women Philosophers and Scientists held a talk on The Third Knowledge Dimension. How AI changes our Epistemology at the IAPh 2021. 

In her lecture, she presents a reading of our narratives in history, retracing the epistemic possibilities that were proposed in that period in

 philosophy and that can be connected well to a new kind of understanding as it is provided by means of artificial intelligence. Algorithmic collective methods, new ways of knowledge aggregation and changing assemblages of knowledge clusters challenge us to re-organize and to re-ontologize our world. This also demands to revive a tradition in philosophy, as it was proposed since the Renaissance to demonstrate the weakness of the box-like framed ontologies of “pre-formed” units. 

If you want to watch the whole talk, click here


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