Ruth E. Hagengruber’s Masterclass and Keynote Lecture on Thinking Europe Anew

Masterclass & Keynote Lecture | Voices from Contemporary Philosophy | 5 April 2023 | Università di Trento, Italy

As part of the talk series “Voices from Contemporary Philosophy”,  Ruth E. Hagengruber will contribute a Masterclass and a Keynote Lecture. The talk series “Voices from Contemporary Philosophy” takes place from January to May 2023 at the Department of Humanities of the University of Trento, Italy, and is coordinated by Michele Nicoletti, Alessandro Palazzo, Tiziana Faitini (University of Trento). Ruth E. Hagengruber‘s Masterclass and Keynote Lecture will take place on April 5, 2023 and is titled “Women Philosophers: Thinking Europe Anew”.

The importance of Women Philosophers in the history of European philosophy and the rethinking of this very history is an important research concern of Ruth E. Hagengruber, which she also discusses in the podcast ‘Europa neu denken’. You can listen to the podcast here.


“In the history of philosophy this means that we finally have to understand […]: The history of philosophy does not begin with Socrates. […] But already in European cultural history […], if we want it to begin at all, then it begins with the Women teachers of Socrates.

– Ruth E. Hagengruber, Podcast Europa neu denken Episode 1


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