Ruth E. Hagengruber speaking at the Professional Learning Community: Adding voices to the philosophy curriculum

Check out Ruth E. Hagengrubers upcoming talk on Émilie du Chatelet at the event Adding voices to the philosophy curriculum


In 2021, the ministry of education commissioned the Netherlands institute for curriculum development (SLO) to start a process of renewal of the Dutch high school philosophy curriculum. In the same year, the lack of diversity in the philosophy curriculum was pointed out by both teachers and learners. When the Dutch association for philosophy teachers (VFVO) organized regional meetings to discuss the renewal of the
curriculum, it became clear that the call for diversity was widely supported among its members.

However, diversifying the philosophy curriculum provides certain challenges. For example, Alderik Visser, former curriculum developer at SLO, describes a lack of available expertise as a problem (Visser 2022, 9).

First, we hope to invite international guest speakers to bring the necessary expertise to the Dutch teacher community. Second, we aim at publishing the outcomes of the PLC as a special journal edition with clear lesson plans, in order to facilitate the effective introduction of new voices to the high school curriculum.

Among the international guests  will be Ruth E. Hagengruber, Director of the Center for the History of Women Philosophers and Scientists presenting on On Hypotheses: Teaching the Core Concept of Du Châtelet’s Methodology. Her talk will be on the 2nd of February at 3pm CET.

See also Ruth Hagengrubers upcoming publication:

(2024) Hagengruber, Ruth Edith. “Émilie du Châtelet on Hypotheses”. In Teaching Women Philosophers. Ideas and Concepts from Women Philosophers’ Writings from more than 2000 Years. Women in the History of Philosophy and Sciences. Springer International Publishing. Forthcoming.

The event is hosted by the Leiden University and organized by Floris Velema. More information can be found here.


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