Publication of Dr. Jil Muller’s Book: Soigner l’humain- Péchés et remèdes chez Montaigne et Descartes

Dr. Jil Muller's book on Montaigne, Descartes and original sin is now out!

In her book, published with Classiques Garnier, Jil Muller follows the model of a comparative study and uses a clinical and therapeutical scheme to analyse Montaigne’s and Descartes’ thoughts on original sin, sins and vices. This reveals the beginning of a process of secularisation that sees Christianity reintegrated into a new moral framework, which frees man from the weight of the first sin and the corrupt nature of all time. She also gives particular importance to the status of the body and thus of the sick body; an analysis that she refines for Descartes, with the examination of the letters exchanged with Elisabeth of Bohemia.

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