Publication – Dossiê – As Pensadoras (Women Thinkers), vol. 3

New Publication

Pedro Pricladnitzky, a research associate at the Center for the History of Women Philosophers and Scientists, is one of the editors, alongside Nelsi Kistemacher Welter and Luciano Utteich, of the third volume of Dossiê – As Pensadoras (Women Thinkers). This edition spans vast and interconnected domains of political philosophy, literature, metaphysics, philosophy of education, anthropology, and history, serving as a testament to the depth and diversity of women’s contributions to critical thought. Each chapter offers a perspective on the lives of women who reshaped the intellectual landscape in their respective fields, providing unique approaches, challenging established norms, and enriching the intellectual vitality of their times. This project is supported by the Graduate Program in Philosophy at Unioeste, as well as the Philosophy Teaching Program (PET) and Pedagogical Residency at the State University of Paraná (Unioeste).

The book is available through the publisher Instituto Quero Saber and can be accessed here:


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