Project: Women in Early Phenomenology

One of the ongoing projects at the Center for the History of Women Philosophers is the research area "Women in Early Phenomenology" under the direction of Julia Mühl, coordinator of the Center and expert on Gerda Walther.

The purpose of this project is to shed new light on the lives and work of the women who took part in the early phenomenological movement, with particular focus on Edith Stein, Hedwig Conrad-Martius, and Gerda Walther. The recent resurgence of interest in the history of the phenomenological movement has shown that these women were not marginal figures, but important contributors to the development of phenomenology.
Current research at the Center HWPS focuses on the unpublished writings of Hedwig Conrad-Martius and Gerda Walther. Our aim is to publish new, critical editions of some of their key texts, which will include relevant supplementary materials from their literary estates.

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