Philosophie in the Media – Elisabeth of Bohemia

The purpose of the Center HWPS is to show that women have influenced the development of scientific and philosophical thought in various ways throughout history. In order to ensure digital and social participation, our research areas intersect and bolster the other pillars of digital humanities: public engagement and teaching. The overall goal of this milestone project is to complement, promote, and ease future research in the area of women in the history of philosophy.Furthermore, the Center HWPS develops digital media and tools to assist in research in the humanities, and utilize digital platforms to enhance and transcend traditional text-based learning.

The theater play on Elisabeth of Bohemia is part of our Philosophy in the Media project. On our YouTube Channel you can find the whole play. Here is a small teaser to the whole play: 

Elisabeth of Bohemia, Princess Palatine and Abbess of Herford, is best known for her significant and influential letter exchange with the philosopher René Descartes and her vast network comprising the intellectuals of the seventeenth century in Europe. Every year we are awarding the Elisabeth of Bohemia prize for outstanding research on women philosophers.

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