New Voices – Julia Mühl Sawatzki

Get to know New Voices Member Julia Mühl Sawatzki - digitalising & researching on Phenomenology and Gerda Walther

Julia Mühl was a research assosciate from 2015 until 2020 at the Center for the History of Women Philosophers & Scientists. Currently, she is finishing her dissertation on Gerda Walther’s concept of social community, in which she examines the question of the relationship between the individual and the community. In her thesis, she is identifying Walther’s social ontological approach. In addition, she has developed an interest in early phenomenology, social ontology, and social philosophy and has deepened her knowledge in these areas. She developed this project as part of her work as coordinator of the Center for the History of Women Philosophers and Scientists and, since 2018, as coordinator of the project Women in Early Phenomenology at Paderborn University.

Part of  her work was the timeline. It showcases the lives of the Edith Stein, Hedwig Conrad Martius and Gerda Walther. You can also look at Julia Mühls introduction on the timeline on our YouTube Channel.

Furthermore Julia Mühl was constantly active in digitalising philosophical contents. See here some of her online lectures:

Find more videos by Julia Mühl in our Phenomenology Playlist

Recently she conducted together with Daniel Neumann a BSP online course on “Women in Early Phenomenology: An Introduction to Gerda Walther and Hedwig Conrad-Martius”

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