New Voices – Introducing Valentina Gaudiano

Discovering our New Voices Member: Valentina Gaudiano

We are following up last weeks post with the next New Voices Member: Valentina Gaudiano!

Her current research is focused on the body and specifically on the relationship between masculine and feminine starting from Edith Stein and the phenomenological approach in general – the difference between living body and material body/ Leib und Koerper – , dialoguing with Luce Irigaray and the Gender Theories. Another point of interest in my work is the relationship between philosophy and theology from a Trinitarian ontology perspective. If you want to know more about her research you can read this interview conducted by Clara Carus during Valentina Gaudianos visit at the Center for the History of Women Philosophers and Scientists. You can also watch her talk Edith Stein’s Concept of “Bildung” from the the New Voices Talk Series: Women in History on Education.




Valentina Gaudiano also participated at the IAPh 2021  speaking on A new-old topos for the future. Rethinking and rediscovering oneself as human. At the conference Stein’s and Husserl’s intertwined Itineraries 1916-25 Valentina Gaudiano presented a talk on The living Body: common roots in Husserl and Stein and first differences with Stein’s Psychic Causality as regards the ‘Core of the Person’

If you are interested to connect with Valentina Gaudiano on Edith Stein check out her New Voices research profile or you can go to the Find Scholars page for Edith Stein!


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