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Interested in less known early modern women philosophers? Check Benjamin Goldberg's profile on New Voices and a brand new Call for postdoctoral positions.

Benjamin Goldberg’s work focuses on the intersection of medicine and European natural philosophy in the late Renaissance and early modern period. His work has been primarily aimed at ideas of teleology, experiement, and experieince in figures like William Harvey and Margaret Cavendish, as well as on the history of embryology from antiquity until the early nineteenth century. His current work explores medical recipes and their place in the histories of experiment, focusing especially on the relations betweenn academic medicine and household based ‘kitchen physick’.

Benjamin Goldberg is also a researcher on the early modern women philosophers Alethea Howard and Bathsua Reginald Makin. If you want to find out more about these women philosophers, you can check out our Directory. If you are interested in the same philosophical topics, check out our Find Scholars section to get in contact with Benjamin Goldberg.


If you are working on the same philosophers, and you are searching for a post-doc position:

We also want to share that the Department of Languages, Cultures, and Visual Studies at the University of Exeter is appointing 3 post-doctoral fellows to join the ERC-awarded, URKI-funded project ‘Cultures of Philosophy: Women Writing Knowledge in Early Modern Europe’, led by Dr Helena Taylor. You can find all necessary information here.

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