Mette Lebech on Edith Stein

Mette Lebech, Organizer of the "Stein’s and Husserl’s Intertwined Itineraries 1916-25" phenomenology conference, on Edith Stein as a woman in the history of philosophy.

“That Stein was a woman probably contributes both to her filling in gaps and thus restoring and making links between approaches that need to be reconciled for progress to happen in the field and to her not having been adequately recognised for it. My interest in women philosophers and in their contribution to the history of philosophy has arisen from seeing Stein’s contributions being alternately attributed to men and glossed over by men and in the process losing some of their power to accomplish the benefits for the tradition they were supposed to accomplish. Since turning my eyes to this field, I have found many interesting contributions from women from all historical periods that deserve more attention than they have been given so far.” – Mette Lebech


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