Keynote Speakers – Kateryna Karpenko & Mpho Tshivhase & Yuko Murakami on Gender

All three Keynote speakers covered different sessions and angles of our conference. However, they all included the topic gender inequality. We are introducing you to:
Kateryna Karpenko presented in her talk three main tasks: i) Clarifying the content of the concepts of ‘gender justice’ and ‘environmental justice’; ii) Exploring the relevance of the methodological foundations of the study of gender and environmental justice; iii) Outlining the prospects for the impact of sustainable gender equity in addressing environmental issues.
Mpho Tshivhase held a talk titled: “Unpacking Sisterhood Among Women Persons”. She uses this paper to unpack the relationality among women with the aim to illustrate that the feminist problems are exacerbated by the lack of sisterhood among women. Ultimately, my aim is to stretch the margins of feminist problems and defend the idea that the enemy of women, especially black women, is not only men, but white women as well.
Yuko Murakami’s talk “Education to obscure academic women in Japan ” deals with the intellectual history in modern Japan. In it women have been dwarfed in the position to be remembered by posterity as „educators,“ whatever their specialty. Professionalism is completely ignored and only a life dedicated to girls‘ education is celebrated. People who become experts are treated as second-rate. It‘s “institutionalized mansplaining.”
You can find all videos on our YouTube Channel.
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