Keynote Speaker – Mary Ellen Waithe

Sex, Lies, and Bigotry: The Canon of Philosophy

Prof. Dr. Waithe’s ‘A History of Women Philosophers’ that started in 1987, providing a four-volume impressive presentation of more than seventy philosophers, from 600 BC to the twentieth century did more than anything else to open up the field of contemporary research into women in the history of philosophy. After a long period of silencing women, the reader found names, texts, and interpretations of women thinkers from all major eras of philosophy


Waithe’s opening article of this volume “Sex, Lies, and Bigotry: The Canon of Philosophy” consists in a methodological reflection on the reasons for an exclusive canon and how it has been changed with the inclusion of women philosophers. Sex, lies, and bigotry were the causes of ostracizing women and the reason for how the “true” canon of philosophy was sabotaged


Her full talk is on our YouTube Channel.

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