Keynote Speaker – Gisele Secco

From Computers to Diagrams and Back: The Four-Color Theorem and the Rise of a New Mathematical Culture

Gisele Secco deals with exegetical and methodological problems that arise in and from the recovery of the works of Early & Modern women philosophers who have written on metaphysics and on education.In her current project on metaphysics, she analyses the work of Anne Conway from the point of view of her critique of Spinoza.
In her talk Gisele Secco thematizes the Four-Color Theorem and the Rise of a New Mathematical Culture. After motivating a change in the usual narrative about the proof of the The Four-Color Theorem and its impacts on the philosophy of mathematics, she will propose an alternative approach. In order to make a case for the ongoing significance of the Four-Color Theorem, she will exemplify the idea of “a new mathematical culture” by focusing on the interplay between the computer assistance and thousands of diagrams in the texts containing the proof. The talk closes with some reflections on the role of women in the crafting of this outstanding mathematical result as well as in the future of research across academic fields.
You can watch the full talk here.
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