Kateryna Karpenko arrived at the Center HWPS

Kateryna Karpenko has safely arrived at the Center! We are very happy to have her here and welcome her as a fellow at the Center again. Kateryna has continuously supported the Center and we are grateful that we can now support her during these tough times! 

You can find out more about Kateryna Karpenko here: https://historyofwomenphilosophers.org/journals/journal/iaph-2021-keynote-speaker-kateryna-karpenko/ 

The University of Paderborn, including the president of the University Prof. Dr. Brigitt Riegraf and the Vice President Simone Probst have been a great help in this process! 

You can find the call for donations of the University of Paderborn here: https://mb.uni-paderborn.de/werkstoffkunde/nachrichten-allgemein/nachrichten-2022/nachricht-2022/hilfe-fuer-die-ukraine?fbclid=IwAR0M-8sJ17NnKyhlh7oxyEePzUnj8kH-SDA2qw4T5CWtypdpseIXpfr4GHg

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