Katarina Mihaljević on Rose Rand

At this years HOPOS 2024 Katarina Mihaljević will give a talk on Rose Rand’s philosophical lifework – narrative models as Symposium. Look out for her contribution on Rose Rand in the upcoming Springer Volume Teaching Women Philosophers.

As a PhD candidate, Rand participated regularly in the Vienna Circle discussions. In 1937 her doctoral thesis on Kotarbiński’s philosophy was approved. She got a small research grant to attend Oxford University as a “recognized student” from 1950 to 1954.

In 1954, Rand relocated to the United States, where she sought academic employment. Initially, she attempted to pursue her research at the libraries of Princeton and Harvard universities. Between 1955 and 1959, she held temporary positions teaching elementary mathematics, ancient philosophy, and logic. She was also a research associate at the University of Chicago, Indiana University Northwest in Gary, and Notre Dame University. In the following years she earned her living from grants and fellowships.

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