IAPh 2021: Women Philosophers Through History

There are no women in the history of philosophy? Wrong! Find out about women philosophers from antiquity to the present at the IAPh conference 2021. Although we can only come together virtually this year, we can still make history! 

Some selected talks from our session on the history of women philosophers show that women have always been philosophers and we need to reassess their contributions to define the future of philosophy.

  • Daura Carballo (UNED, Spain): Feminism through History
  • Taline Artinian (University of Exeter, UK: Ethics and gratitude. A philosophical investigation of the concept of gratitude and ist links with ethical thinking in Western philosophy from antiquity to modern times
  • Andrea Günter (University of Freiburg, Germany): Towards a feminist theory of money: Reconstructing Aristotle’s concept of justice
  • Zara Elizabeth Amdur (Boston University, USA) A four different methods of treating Diotima as a historical figure
  • Stella Villarmea (University of Oxford, UK): Capacity and autonomy during labour? Unveiling stereotypes in birth
  • Pia Morar (University of Toronto): Canada Women, Rhetoric, and Persuasion
  • Ana Rieger Schmidt (Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, Brasil): Christine de Pizan: Between Scholastic and Humanist Tradition

Find out more about the IAPh conference and register here to attend.

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