IAPh 2021: Psychoanalytic Take

Discover a psychoanalytic take on the history of women philosophers at the IAPh conference 2021 with scholars from the US, Australia and Spain!

  • Jane Connell, Melbourne, Australia: “The Perverse Desire of the Hegelian Subject: Resistance to the subjectivity of the other—as woman—in existential and psychoanalytical midtwentieth century philosophy”
  • Gertrude Postl, Suffolk County Community College, USA: “Mysticism meets Psychoanalysis: Julia Kristeva in Conversation with Teresa of Avila”
  • Tiffany Race, Duquesne University, USA: “Reclamation of Early Modern Women: A Psychoanalytical Approach”
  • Andrea Ugalde, University of Barcelona, Spain: “Hacia una gramática de la enunciación. Algunas notas sobre el pensamiento temprano de Luce Irigaray”
  • Evangelia Aikaterini Glantzi, independent researcher, Greece: “What counts as philosophy? Helle Lambridis on Psychology as a branch of Philosophy and Psychoanalysis as a philosophical Trend”

Find out more about the IAPh conference and register here to attend.

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