IAPh 2021: Keynote Speaker Mpho Tshivhase

Meet our keynote speaker Mpho Tshivhase from Pretoria, South Africa, who will give a speech on women philosophers and Artificial Intelligence at our IAPh conference in July 2021!

For the first time we have the honor to present a renowned female scientist from Africa. Mpho Tshivhase, a researcher at the University of Pretoria (ZAF), will give a keynote on Artificial Intelligence and Personhood at our IAPh 2021 conference

Mpho Tshivhase received her degree in Psychology and Philosophy at the University of Johannesburg. Her overarching research concern aims to delineate what uniqueness amongst persons is and how we relate to it. She is a member of the Philosophical Society of South Africa, as well as Golden Key Society in South Africa.

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