IAPh 2021: COVID-19 and Philosophy

The COVID-19 pandemic has made a devastating impact around the world, but it also offers an opportunity to rethink the past to define the future. You are invited to join us to discuss COVID-19 and Philosophy at the IAPh 2021 - register now!

  • Xiao Wei, Tsinghua University, China: “Global public health ethical approach to the sniper war against 2019-nCoV/COVID”
  • Valentina Gaudiano, Sophia University, Italy: “A new-old topos for the future. Rethinking and rediscovering oneself as human”
  • Huey-Li Li, Univ. of Illinois, USA: “Liminality of Care Ethics in Pandemic”

Find out more about the IAPh conference and register here to attend.

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