IAPh 2021: Conference Booklet

Wondering how to keep track of our conference program? No worries, our final conference booklet is out now with schedules for our keynotes, talks and workshops. You can also find short CVs and abstracts for our keynote speakers, a foreword by Ruth E. Hagengruber, director of the Center, and more!

“Women, though excluded for too long, are nevertheless not without responsibility. Now is the time to present their ideas in the relevant fields related to the human condition and to contribute to shaping the future. With more than one hundred and sixty contributors from all parts of the world, from Israel and the Arab world, from China and the United States, Canada, Japan, Russia, India, Australia, Brazil, Argentina, Uganda, Netherlands, Latvia, Turkey, Poland, Spain, Finland, Taiwan, Greece, Italy, France, United Kingdom and Germany and about twenty keynotes from China, Latin Amerika, Ukraine, South Africa, Japan, Iran, United States and more, we dare to take the first steps to a new understanding of how to shape this future such that it might shape a better world for all.” – Ruth E. Hagengruber, Foreword

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