IAPh 2021: Arendt and Politics

In our section on political philosophy, a number of scholars from Australia to Spain and the Netherlands talk about Hannah Arendt - join us from July 18-21 at the IAPh conference on women philosophers!

  • Marguerite La Caze, University of Queensland, Australia: “Arendt, Women, and Violence: Reading On Violence with a Feminist Lens’”
  • Araidni Polichroniou, National & Kapodistrian Univ. of Athens, Greece: “Performativity, Solidarity and Coalition Strategies in Hannah Arendt and Judith Butler: a comparative conceptualization of the fluid cohesiveness of non-identitarian collective resistance between heterogeneous social categories then and now”
  • Veronica Vasterling, Radboud University, The Netherlands: “Why Deconstruction of Metaphysics mattered to Arendt”
  • Valentina Moro, University of Verana, Italy: “Rethinking democracy and public happiness with Arendt. Adriana Cavarero and her influence in the U.S.”
  • Teresa Hoogeveen González, University of Barcelona, Spain: “From liberation to freedom: notes on Hannah Arendt and Francoise Collin”
  • Cristina Basili, University Complutense of Madrid, Spain: “Rethinking Politics: Hannah Arendt on Plato”
  • Stefania Fantauzzi, University of Barcelona, Spain: “An occasional justification of violence”
  • Diana Hoyso Valdés, University of Oklahoma, USA: “Women and peace building”
  • Ingrid Alloni, University of Milan, Italy: “From self-awareness to political and social improvement: a feminist identitarian path”
  • Katherine L. Cooklin, Slippery Rock University, USA: “Kristeva and the Borders of Identity: Abjection, Foreignness and Fascism”
  • Janyne Sattler, Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina, Brasil: “Feminist uprisings of Modernity – Margaret Cavendish’s utopia and the feminist politics of language”

Find out more about the IAPh conference and register here to attend.

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