Happy Birthday to Violet Paget!

Happy Birthday to Violet Paget or also known as Vernon Lee!

Vernon Lee, the pen name of Violet Paget, devoted her life to aesthetics, believing that “our real aesthetic life is in ourselves. Vernon Lee’s aesthetic views” evolved in her forty books, articles, and letters. An early aesthetic critic, unique, and prescient, Vernon Lee influenced many including Virginia Woolf. Lee envisioned her philosophy of art with an eye to all that surrounds, i.e. the conditions necessary for art and the reception by the audience.

With our new project New Voices, Coordinator Clara Carus also created the function Find Scholars. Here you can scroll through epoches and women philosophers researched by members of the New Voices. If you click on one of the women philosophers you will find the scholars and information on the scholars, in order to get different scholars in touch and further the exchange.


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