Happy Birthday to Grete Hermann! 

Today Grete Hermann would have been 121 years old. She is famous for her philosophical work on quantum mechanics. The Grete Hermann research network (https://www.ctqmat.de/en/careers-support/grete-hermann-network) created an event  to celebrate her. 

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In our German Springer Book Series Kay Herrmann published a book on Grete Henry-Hermann .  This book is an appraisal of Grete Henry-Hermanns epistemology and philosophy of nature. As a student of mathematician Emmy Noether and the philosopher Leonard Nelson she was of the early interpreters of quantum mechanics. Henry-Hermanns natural-philosophical and epistemological writings are summarized in this book, for the first time. Correspondences with Carl Friedrich von Weizsäcker, Werner Heisenberg and Gustav Heckmann are also included in this issue.You can find more information here: 


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