Ruth E Hagengruber Does AI support qualitative growth?

Ruth Hagengruber on How does AI support a shift from quantitative to qualitative growth?

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Ruth E Hagengruber: Does AI support qualitative growth?

ppt talk Oct 1, 2020: Does AI support qualitative growth?

2020_10_1_Ruth E Hagengruber Ethics and Digitisation

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Mariarosa Taddeo, Carla Baglioni, Riccardo Pozzi, Luciano Floridi and more.

The online conference Ethics and Digitalisation – 1 October 2020, 1:30-7:30 pm – an event organized by Clara Mavellia, director of the Institute for Cultural Entrepreneurship, Berlinin partnership with Venice International University is the second in a series of conferences.

CM: This conference aims to inform women and men in politics, business, research, the arts – in fact, anyone interested – about applying ethical, humanist principles and Europe’s democratic values to all digital processes so that the internet, social media, AI, robotics and any other digital system is placed in the service of people and not the other way round. We hope that over time this valuable network will generate unexpected, powerful ideas (Medici Effect) to enhance the digital transformation currently underway in the interests of people and the planet. The conference will be a platform for academics to explain their different approaches and for companies, foundations, projects and campaigns to present their ideas. As ethics is an abstract concept for many people, practical examples are important and offer fascinating perspectives.

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