EcoTechGender Visions

Our new interview format EcoTechGender Visions is now available!

As part of the EcoTechGender project, founded by Ruth E. Hagengruber in 2006, we are proud to present the new format of EcoTechGender Visions.
The EcoTechGender Visions are interviews with renowned experts who present their theories on economy, technology, gender and ecology in a world of permanent change. The Visions are interviews conducted by Ruth E. Hagengruber. The experts are various renowned women scientists, some of whom have been invited as keynote speakers at the conference IAPh 2021 Defining the Future – Rethinking the Past, planned for next summer, including Julie A. Nelson, Kateryna Karpenko, Federica Giardini.

At the beginning, we would like to share with you the vision of Julie A. Nelson.

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