Dynamics & Reason Invited Speaker: Klaus Mainzer

From Du Châtelet to Kant: On Absolute and Relative Space

Klaus Mainzer is Professor Emeritus in Philosophy and Theoretical Foundations of Science at the Technical University of Munich, and president of the European Academy of Sciences and Arts. He has published widely on the philosophy of science and technology, and also on the history of philosophy. His many monographs in English and German include Symmetries in Nature (De Gruyter, 1996), Thinking in Complexity (Springer, 1994; fifth edition 2007), and Die Berechnung der Welt (C. H. Beck, 2014).

At the upcoming workshop on Kant and Du Châtelet at Paderborn University (February 9 and 10), Prof. Mainzer will give a talk entitled “From Du Châtelet to Kant: On Absolute and Relative Space.” We look forward to it!

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