Du Châtelet between Leibniz and Newton

See Gaukrogers review on the volume Émilie du Châtelet between Leibniz and Newton edited by Ruth Hagengruber.

“Hagengruber’s collection of essays provides the most comprehensive coverage of Châtelet’s work currently available[ …]  the bibliographies of primary and secondary works are exhaustive, and the introductory essay by Ruth Hagengruber is a good introduction to Châtelet. Despite its length—some 60 pages—the essay is quite condensed, and she takes us through Châtelet’s intellectual development from her early work on Mandeville, through her rejection of Locke’s attitude to metaphysics, showing what motivated her attempt to provide a metaphysical foundation for mechanics and how this project relates to that of her contemporaries such as Maupertuis and Euler […] this is a very worthwhile collection, and for those coming to Châtelet for the first time, the introductory essay and the bibliographies will prove invaluable.”

-Stephen Gaukroger
University of Sydney/University of Aberdeen

(2012) Gaukroger, Stephen. Ruth Hagengruber, ed.: Emilie du Chatalet between Newton and Leibniz. Philosophy in Review. Vol. 32 (4). University of Victoria, 273-274. https://journals.uvic.ca/index.php/pir/article/view/11450

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