DAY 3 – Émilie Du Châtelet in Relation to Leibniz and Wolff

Last day of the conferce

Unfortunately the last day of the conference has begun, however we are looking forward to the reamining talks!
Joe Anderson (University of Virginia) starts the day of with a talk on Monads, Atoms, and Structural Explanation in Émilie du Châtelet’s Institutions de physique. Dr. Anderson is an assistant Professor of philosophy at the university of Virginia. His research focuses on the relationship between religion, metaphysics, and physics in early modern Europe. He has published on Pascal’s wager, and Leibniz on modality and the problem of evil.

Following, Gabriel Müller (University of Basel) presents Du Châtelet in the Labyrinth of the Continuum. Gabriel Müller is currently finishing his PhD at the university of Basel and Radboud University Nijmegen, on the conceptions of motion and change in early 17th-century natural philosophy. In that context, he has studied pre-Cartesian innovators that are not very well known to historians of philosophy otherwise, in particular Daniel Sennert, David Gorlaeus and Sébastien Basson. His overarching research interests are philosophical attempts at grounding natural philosophy and the metaphysics of substance. He also has an interest in initiatives for digital accessibility of early printed texts.

The day was finished by Julia Borcherdings Talk on The Power of Love and the Force of Reason: Leibniz and du Châtelet on the Foundations of Morality.
Thank you all for the amazing conference! We were delighted to have had you here!
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