DAY 1: Dynamics and Reason – Du Châtelet & Kant

Today Ruth Hagengruber opened the workshop Dynamics and Reason – Du Châtelet and Kant together with welcoming words from The president of the Paderborn University Birgitt Riegraf and Jeffrey McDonough from Harvard University.

Klaus Mainzer, Ruth E. Hagengruber, Birgitt Riegraf, Jeffrey McDonough

We were excited to hear the first talk, “From Du Chatelet to Kant: Absolute and Relative Space in Classical Dynamics,” given by Klaus Mainzer, President of the European Academy of Sciences and Arts. Throughout the day we heard talks on space and time, continuity, abstractions and things in themselves by Clara Carus, William Marsolek, Yual Chiek, and Tuomas Pernu. Katherine Dunlop delivered the last talk of the day with the title “Time and Change in Du Châtelet and Kant.”

We are excited for all the upcoming talks tomorrow! We look forward to many more discussions.









Our workshop Dynamics and Reason – Du Châtelet and Kant was the world’s first event devoted to these two thinkers. The workshop was hosted at the Center for the History of Women Philosophers and Scientists (Director: Ruth E. Hagengruber), and organized by Ruth E. Hagengruber and Aaron Wells Find further information on our workshop Dynamics and Reason – Du Châtelet and Kant here.

Organizers of the Workshop Aaron Wells and Ruth E. Hagengruber

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