Congratulations to Hannah Arendt!

Hannah Arendt was born on October 14th, 1906 in Hannover in Germany. She studied philosophy with Martin Heidegger and Karl Jaspers. Due to the National Socialist persecution of Jewish people, in 1940 she flew to the USA, where she became a famous, though controversial, political theorist. Currently, academic and public interest in Arendt’s work is on the rise. This is because she offers inspiration for critical approaches to many of the crises we face today. 

Her seminal book On Revolution, was first published 30 years ago.

See also here the recently published book Hannah Arendt and Politics by Maria Robaszkiewicz and Michael Weinman. The book offers a new perspective on Arendt as a political thinker as well as a political actor. It provides succinct, critical summaries of Arendt’s major works and how they have been read, shares insights into the main controversies of Arendt’s lifetime and their resolution, presents an overview of interpretive approaches to Arendt’s work and its relevance today.

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