Clara Carus at X Jordanas de filosofía moderna

The Principles of Knowledge in Émilie du Châtelet”  Talk  | 15.10.2021 |  2:30-3:30pm (GMT-3) |

On the 15th of October Clara Carus will hold a talk on The Principles of Knowledge in Émilie du Châtelet at the X Jornadas de filosofía moderna. Clara Carus is an Assitant Professor and the Coordinator of the New Voices at the Center for the History of Women Philosophers and Scientists. Her current research project is concerned with Émilie du Châtelet’s contribution to the concept of knowledge and embedding this contribution in the Early Modern Era. She is  interested in the theory of knowledge, including the development of this theme in the history of philosophy. Her work in Paderborn connects this interest with a focus on Women in the History of Philosophy.

The Jornadas Nacionales de Filosofía Moderna are organised every two years in the city of Mar del Plata by the Cátedra de Filosofía Moderna of the Universidad Nacional de Mar del Plata, Argentina. The conference has been organised since 2014.

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