Cfp: ESEMP Young: New Perspectives on Early Modern Philosophy Workshop

ESEMP Young: New Perspectives on Early Modern Philosophy Workshop at the University of Copenhagen, 13 September 2022

The investigation of early modern philosophy has flourished and expanded tremendously over the last couple of decades. More and more hitherto neglected texts, topics, and names have become visible, enriching our knowledge of the past and shedding new light on the history of philosophy. Many of these findings encourage us to question traditional historiographical assumptions, such as linear accounts of the past and an exclusive focus on a few outstanding figures, schools of thought or national contexts. Moreover, digitalization has led to the development of innovative research methodologies. Still, many problems and issues remain to be addressed. All relate in one way or another to the underlying question: How do we tell the story of early modern philosophy?

“ESEMP Young: New Perspectives on Early Modern Philosophy” is a one-day workshop for graduate students who are developing new approaches to the history of early modern philosophy. The workshop is a prelude to the conference “Rethinking the Narratives of Early Modern Philosophy”, organized by the European Society of Early Modern Philosophy (ESEMP) in Copenhagen 14–16 September 2022.

The purpose of the workshop is to offer young researchers to opportunity to meet, present their work and exchange ideas. Throughout the workshop, senior researchers from ESEMP will also participate in the discussions and offer feedback. Additionally, all workshop participants are invited to join the conference after the workshop.

ESEMP Young is open for graduate students (MA and PhD level). Each participant will be expected to give a 20-minute presentation connected to the workshop’s overarching theme. Suggested topics include, but are not limited to:

 Methodological and theoretical considerations, Subversive philosophical and intellectual movements, The Nordic context, Marginalized voices, Philosophy in different genres


To apply to the workshop, please e-mail an abstract of around 300 words and a brief bio to Mathilda Amundsen Bergström ( Please use the heading ‘ESEMP Young abstract’.

The deadline for abstract submissions is 20 March 2022. Notice of acceptance will be given 1 April 2022.

Membership of the ESEMP is compulsory to present a paper at the workshop. (Reduced annual membership fee for students: 15 EUR). To become a member of the ESEMP, please use our application form or contact the Treasurer of the ESEMP, Hubertus.Busche@FernUni-

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