Birthday of Judith Nisse Shklar

Happy Birthday to Judith Nisse Shklar!

Judith Nisse Shklar was born on September 24, 1928. Due to the persecution during World War 2 she and her family had to flee. In 1941 they settled in Canada and at the age of 16 she started her studies at the McGill University. She  was a philosopher and political theorist who studied the history of political thought in the period of  Enlightenment. She was appointed the John Cowles Professor of Government at Harvard University in 1980. Shklar joined the Harvard faculty in 1956 and was the first woman to receive tenure in Harvard’s Government Department in 1971.

On our website you can find entries on Judith N. Shklar in our ECC. Here is a short extract:

Judith N. Shklar’s concept of the “liberalism of fear” offers a distinctive outlook on liberal theory which stands in contrast to contemporary Rawlsian approaches. Shklar upholds the normative core of liberal theory, i.e. the normative primacy of individual liberty.

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