Article: Catharine Macaulay and the Concept of “Radical Enlightenment”

Karen Green published a new article on Catharine Macaulay - find out more about her role in radical Enlightenment and Karen Green's work at the Center.

“There is no doubt that Catharine Macaulay’s (1731–1791) contemporaries saw her as a radical, republican writer, committed to what seemed to many of them to be an unrealistic belief in universal rights and the natural equality of mankind. “

– Karen Green (2021) Catharine Macaulay and the concept of “radical enlightenment”, Intellectual History Review, 31:1, 165-180.
Karen Green was a visiting scholar at the Center. In 2018, she gave a Masterclass on “Locke and the Ladies – On Eighteenth-Century Female Republicans in England” at the Center. The course focused on the reception of John Locke’s classical liberalism and republicanism among women in 18th-Century England, particularly Catharine Trotter Cockburn and Catharine Macaulay. Read more about the event here.
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