1000 Places 1 World on YouTube – Women’s Cultural Heritage from India

The talk from the 6th of February,  Women’s Cultural Heritage from India, presented by Dr Priyanka Jha (Banaras Hindu University), Dr Arti Minocha (University of Delhi), Dr Namrata Chaturvedi (University of Delhi) , Dr Sanchayita Paul (Dr. Meghnad Saha College Itahar, West Bengal) is now online on YouTube. Watch it here.

A 1000 Places in 1 World – online seminar.  An intercontinental New Voices seminar. Hosted by the Centre for the History of Women Philosophers and Scientists, directed by Ruth Edith Hagengruber

Contemporary cultural criticism focuses on issues of race and class. The systematic and global oppression of women and the almost global totalitarian erasure of their cultural and intellectual heritage are virtually absent from these debates. 1000 Places in 1 World is a collaboration of intercultural and intercontinental partners. Its aim is to revive, interpret and preserve the cultural and intellectual heritage of women.

This online seminar, dedicated to 1000 Places in 1 World, is a collaboration with colleagues from universities around the world, including contributions from the Philippines, Brazil, Mexico, India and Tanzania. The seminar brings to life the research and dissemination of the ideas of women philosophers across the centuries and from different parts of the world

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