1000 Places 1 World on YouTube – Brazilian Women Philosophers

The talk Brazilian Women Philosophers, presented by Pedro Pricladnitzky, Katarina Peixoto and Halina Leal is online on YouTube. Watch the recodring of the talk here. Get a full insight on our speakers here.

This online seminar, dedicated to 1000 Places in 1 World, is a collaboration with colleagues from universities around the world, including contributions from the Philippines, Brazil, Mexico, India and Tanzania. The seminar brings to life the research and dissemination of the ideas of women philosophers across the centuries and from different parts of the world. The event is organised by Ruth Edith Hagengruber Director of the Center for the History of Women Philosophers and Scientists.

Contemporary cultural criticism focuses on issues of race and class. The systematic and global oppression of women and the almost global totalitarian erasure of their cultural and intellectual heritage are virtually absent from these debates.
Yet this oppression and erasure is global. And the fact that this oppression is central to the global spread of violence can be seen almost everywhere. Thus, the current supposedly critical discourse is not so different from earlier discourses of violence and oppression; it continues to build on patriarchal dominance and rhetoric and actions that glorify violence.This seminar sees itself as a signal against this politics. 1000 Places in 1 World is a collaboration of intercultural and intercontinental partners. Its aim is to revive, interpret and preserve the cultural and intellectual heritage of women.

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