Publications Jil Muller







Submitted articles:

  • “Ambroise Paré and René Descartes on sensation in amputated limbs,” accepted for publication in a special issue on Descartes and medicine (2022), Brepols Publisher.
  • “Sophie Germain on Space and Time,” accepted for publication in a special issue in the series “Women in the History of Philosophy and Sciences,” Springer Edition (2023).
  • Eritis sicut dii, scientes bonum et malum: Sin, Pride, and Curiosity in the Moral Philosophy of Montaigne and Descartes”, accepted for publication in Mélanges en l’honneur de Gianni Paganini (2023).
  • “Descartes on clocks and automata,” accepted for publication in a Palgrave special issue (2023).
  • “René Descartes and Émilie du Châtelet on method and first principles,” Teaching Women Philosophers, Springer Edition (2023).
  • “Humours, Passions, and Consciousness in Descartes’ Physiology: The Turnaround through Elisabeth’s Letters”, accepted for publication in Consciousness, Knowledge and Science in Cartesianism and beyond, CLEUP, University of Padua (2023).
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