Stein’s and Husserl’s intertwined Itineraries 1916-25 Preliminary Program

Stein’s and Husserl’s intertwined Itineraries 1916-25 with focus on Ideas II – Preliminary Program

Thursday 20 May 2021

9.00-9.30Hagengruber/LebechAddress of Welcome


The text of Ideas II and the collaboration between Stein and Husserl
9.30-10.15Jagna BrudzinskiEdmund Husserl und Edith Stein. Der Fall von Ideen II
10.15-11.00Anna Varga-JaniThe Collaboration of Husserl and Stein: Historical and Phenomenological Approaches
11.30-12.15James JardineDisentangling Husserl’s and Stein’s contributions to the analysis of empathy in Ideas II: A reappraisal in light of the critical editions of Ideen II & III and Zum Problem der Einfühlung
12.15-13.00Margarethe HackermeierDie Wirkungsgeschichte der Ideen II als gemeinsames Werk: wird es durch die neue Edition geändert?
13.00-14.15Break for lunch
Contrasting Stein’s and Husserl’s positions
14.15-15.00James McGuirkThe body in Stein, Husserl and Ideas II
15.00-15.45Tim BurnsThe constitution of the human being in Ideas II, in Husserl and in Stein
16.15-17.00Antonio CalcagnoA comparison of Husserl’s and Stein’s social philosophy

Francesca de Vecchi

I, you, and we: varieties of heterotropic intentionality and personal collectives – issues from Stein’s and Husserl’s social ontology

Friday 21 May 2021

Ideas II and (transcendental?) Intersubjectivity
9.00-9.45Kathleen HaneyThe other and the possibility of transcendental intersubjectivity in Husserl and Stein
9.45-10.30Emmanuele CaminadaGemeingeist: a controversial entity between Stein and Husserl?
11.00-11.45Julia JansenThe constitution of the other. Weak or strong point for Husserl and Stein?
11.45-12.30Sarah HeinemaaThe intersubjectively constituted body and intersubjectivity in Husserl and Stein
12.30-14.00Break for lunch
Ideas II and philosophical anthropology
14.00-14.45Angela Ales BelloHusserl’s and Stein’s direction of work in anthropology and metaphysics
14.45-15.30Ronni MironDilthey’s importance for Ideas II, for Husserl and for Stein
16.00-16.45Mariéle WulfStein’s philosophical anthropology as a completion of Husserl’s project for a foundation of the sciences?
16.45-17.30Mette LebechIncompatibilities between transcendental intersubjectivity and philosophical anthropology?


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