Hugo Dirk Hogenbirk New Voices Research Profile

I’m working on a PhD-Thesis within the NaturalPhilosophy ERC project, headed by Andrea Sangiacomo. The thesis concerns the modelling and mapping of an extensive corpus of works of early-modern natural philosophy. The corpus is analyzed using computer-assisted semantic modelling and network modelling, to, for example 1) track changes in terminology over time 2) find potential influencers on particular works of interest or 3) classify of the fuctions of pieces of technical terminology across the corpus.

In addition, my interest extends to the work of Anne Conway, about who I’ve been working on a paper about her views on plenitude and the processual nature of creatures. In general, I’m interested in reading Conway as an early processualist, and particularly keen on her characterization of creatures as essentially mutable through their will. I’ve additionally been jointly working on a paper detailling Conway and her views on space.

Other interests include analytic metaphysics generally, and philosophy of time, philosophy of fiction and the philosphy of A.N. Whitehead, in partiuclar.

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